Licensing and co-branding program
Licensing products and services made with licence or co-branding

If the brand has sufficient awareness and aspirational values, Arboresens recommend the development of a licensing program.


Services offered:


- Development of the licensing strategy: proposal of product range by category, price range, distribution network, identification of potential licensees, benchmarking, marketing plan.


- Implementation of the licensing strategy: negotiation, deal-memo, contracts, product development, marketing plan for launching products and public relations campaign, follow-up of sells report.

Arboresens is the liscensing agent of :
Licensing ?
6 reasons to develop a licensing program:

Protect the brand

Develop the brand

Increase brand awareness

Communicate differently

Reach new audiences

Generate new revenue streams


To increase customers perception of your brand platform, we assist you to set up co-branding and partnership operations with selected brands or personalities.

Services proposed:

- Strategy development: analysis of the values ​​and positioning of the brand, choice of values ​​to be based on, selection of brands or personalities, project proposal (concept, objectives, targets, timing, budget ...).

- Implementation of the strategy: approach of partners, contracts negotiation, monitoring of the project.

Some examples :
Need a licensing agent or create co-brandings?