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Arboresens is an agency specialized in brand strategy and brand development . Its consulting activities include strategic choices for brand deployment, from the definition of the brand platform to the creation of content as well as the implementation of licenses, co-branding and partnership operations. Arboresens also assists brands to optimize their retail development.

Its consulting activities include strategic choices for brand deployment. With our solid experience in brand building and brand development, we assist you from the definition of the strategy to its operational implementation. We particularly pay attention not only to the brand values but also to the choice of the partners and to the products distribution.

Arboresens has a strong and accurate network in all its fields of activity (creative, designers, communication agency, distribution, legal, event marketing, etc.) in France and at international (Italy, Spain, Portugal, UK).

Define or redefine a brand platform based on the brand's heritage.
To develop brand awareness based on its visual identity and its own content.
Implement a strategy development including the category of products, their distribution and the commercial potential of the brand.
Research of qualified partners and follow up the product development at all stages. Propose a legal assistance and monitor and analyse the results.
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