Presentation of the Brand Versailles, licensed by Arboresens

Brand positioning
Versailles is representing the origine and the essence of the luxury and a certain French “art de vivre”, embodied by the art of hospitality, the elegance of the clothing, the sophisticated society dated back to the King Louis XIV, the queen Marie-Antoinette and the King Louis XVI.
The brand Versailles, synonymous with prestigious culture and luxury of the french ”savoir-faire” is targeting french and international customers. International markets such as the US, Asia and Middle East will represent a strong potential for the brand.
Brand Promise
To give access to a unique brand universe, to product categories embodied by the heritage of the manufactures dated back the period of the Versailles glory.
A unique brand‘s universe
The artistic direction of the brand “Versailles” is based on original documents stocked and protected in the centrale library of the city of Versailles. Creative materials from the style guide are both in line with the history and updated with contemporary style, in order to implement the brand identity and the positioning of the Brand “Versailles”. Therefore, a harmonious and balanced development of historically imprecedented elements as well as contemporary looks will offer to everyone a journey to the heart of Versailles and its arts.
The brand artistic universe
The brand style guide developed by Arboresens from the iconographic heritage of the city of Versailles
Product development simulation
Examples of Versailles products created from the style guide
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Photo credits and illustrations: © Ville de Versailles - All rights reserved